Summer 2017
Amos Fortune Forum celebrates 71st Season
FREE to the public!

July 7 Stephen H. Gehlbach, MD, MPH

Another Kind of Plague

As a species, we’ve successfully combatted a variety of epidemic diseases through our history. Some, that once devastated continents, like cholera and bubonic plague, have been drastically reduced in scope, others, virtually eliminated. Smallpox, which left its deadly mark on millions over centuries, has been officially eradicated, and polio is on that pathway…more

July 14 Emily Chetkowski & Applewood Highland Heather


Side by Side, Saving the Newfoundland Pony

For hundreds of years, Newfoundland Ponies inhabited the rugged island of Newfoundland, Canada….more

July 21 Paul Hutchinson

Emerson, Monadnock, and the Birth of the Summer Camp Movement

Summer Camp is one of the most common shared experiences for American youth. It first took root in nineteenth-century New Hampshire….more

July 28 Ann McClellan

Tiny Trees, Big Stories

The awe-inspiring bonsai and penjing of the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington, D.C. have fascinating tales to tell, having played invaluable roles in international diplomacy and as instruments of presidential influence…..more

August 4 Mary Drew and Lt. Terry Choate


New Hampshire’s Silent Killer

New Hampshire has recently gained national attention as it now ranks 2nd in the country for fatal overdoses per 1000 people….more

August 11 Christine Destrempes with Blyth Hazen and Sam Kelly

Taking Art off the Wall: Creating Meaningfully

Breaking down the barrier between the elite world of art and the general public, three artists tackle a unique method to engage entire communities in public-participation art…more

August 18 Larissa MacFarquhar

Impossible Idealism and the Urge to Help

Charity may begin at home, but where should it end? Should we help the worst off, or should we take care of our own people first?…more


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