Past Speakers


Carl Bernstein. America and Journalism: Fifty Years after Watergate


Robert D. Putnam & Shaylyn Romney Garrett: The Upswing: How America Came Together a Century Ago and How We Can Do It Again


Robert Meeropol. The Rosenberg Case, Still Current in 2022

Cheryl Hackett. Brave Soles: Hidden Truths of Concealment Shoes


Sindiso Mnisi Weeks & Dan Weeks. Amos Fortune: Beyond Abolition to Ubuntu


Florence Reed. Growing a Just and Sustainable World with Regenerative Aroecology


Steve Zakon-Anderson. Contra-Dancing: Past and Present and its Vital Role in the Monadnock Region



Francelia Clark. Seeking Out the Settlers at Monadnock


Courtney Banghart. Competitive Leadership: Strive, Thrive, and Advance


Greg Cunningham. A View from the Front Lines of the Climate Crisis


Will Torrey. Your Health Matters: Access to High-Quality Psychiatric Care


Francie von Mertens. Wild Bees, The Pollinator Pros


Ted Widmer. Lincoln on the Verge: Thirteen Days to Washington



Sam Hackler. Growing Up in East Jaffrey
Robert Goodby. The First to See Monadnock
Anne Pierce.  How Florence Nightingale Saved the British Army
Jamie Trowbridge. The Survival of a Small Media Company – Yankee
Paul Jenkins. Why the Beatles Mattered and Still Matter
Grace Aldrich. Exploring Stories of Race, Belonging and Trauma
Ernest Thompson. What’s Your Story?


Mark Bean. The Death of William K. Dean: Murder by Person(s) Unknown
Patricia Brennan. Time to Step Up:  Defending Oddball Science
Deborah Klimburg-Salter. Preserving the Cultural Heritage of Afghanistan
Jonathan Putnam. How did the Young Lincoln become Our Lincoln?
Virginia Eskin. NH: Cultural Mecca for Artists, Composers and Authors
Seth Brenzel. Developing Youth through Music, Creativity & Community
Steve Walker. The Future of Energy & How Our Region Can Lead the Transition


Stephen H. Gehlbach. Another Kind of Plague
Emily Chetkowski, A.H. Heather. Saving the Newfoundland Pony
Paul Hutchinson. Emerson, Monadnock, and the Summer Camp Movement
Ann McClellan. Tiny Trees, Big Stories
Mary Drew & Lt. Terry Choate. New Hampshire’s Silent Killer
C.Destrempes, B.Hazen, S.Kelly. Taking Art off the Wall: Creating Meaningfully
Larissa MacFarquhar. Impossible Idealism and the Urge to Help


Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot. Honoring Amos Fortune’s Life and Legacy: On Witness, Justice and Respect
Iain Kerr. Why Whales?
Dan Barry. Baseball, Bunkhouses, and Burlesque: Travels Across America
Susanne Wentzler. The German Refugee Crisis, a Threat or an Opportunity?
Clay Mitchell. Renewing Energy: A Clear and New Vision
Jamie Hamilton. Iqra: Reading the Qur’an
Dan Hurlin. Futurism, Puppets and Me:  A personal look at the Italian Futurists


Nick Capasso. Creating a Community Oriented Art Museum
Jerome Schultz. Nowhere to Hide: How Stress is Putting the Brains of Students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD (and others) at Risk
Rebecca Eaton. Making Masterpiece
Ellen Widmer. Trip Toward Tomorrow
Philipp Krüger. Big Data: Transforming Freedom, Security and Business
Severine Fleming. A New Economy on the Land
Eric Masterson. The Migration of Broad-winged Hawks


Chuck Lewis. The Future of Truth and the Decline of America’s Moral Integrity
David Fairchild. Medicine:  Moving from “Illness-care” to “Health-care”
David Leventhal. The Arts as Lifeline:  Dance, Parkinson’s and Aging Well
Dayton Duncan. Seed of the Future:  Yosemite and the National Park Idea
Jane Difley. The Forest Society: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow in NH’s Forests
Kristen Gresh. She Tells a Story: Women Photographers from Iran/Arab World
Lawrence Lessig. Achieving Equal Citizenship: Struggle to Restore Our Republic


Maximillian L Ferro. Why Historic Preservation?
Susan Heuck Allen. Indiana Jones? Classical Archeologist Spies against the Nazis in WWII Greece
Sam Kennedy. The Business of Baseball:  An Inside Look at Running the Red Sox
Sara Mansfield Taber. What is it Like to Grow Up as the Daughter of a Spy?
Robert Putnam. The Opportunity Gap:  Reviving the American Dream
Joseph S Nye. 20th Century American Presidents and Foreign Policy
James J. McCarthy. What the Oceans are Telling Us about Climate Change


Don Burness. Taking Care of Mary Lou
Nancy Gertner. Fragile Gains: A Woman’s Improbable Journey from a Brooklyn Tenement, Through Advocacy, To a Federal Judgeship
Bonnie Harris. What’s Parenting Got to Do with It?
Margaret E. Ward & Nelson Ward de Witt. Finding Family in the Aftermath of El Salvador’s Civil War: Mysteries-Discoveries-Reflections
Robert Weinberg. Origins and Treatment of Cancer: Where are we Headed?
Katherine Hoffman. Through the Lens: Alfred Stieglitz and His Fight for the Role of Photography as a Fine Art
Philip Gourevitch. Crime Scenes & Aftermaths: Reckoning with Survival after Genocide


Mary Catherine Bateson. Living Longer, Thinking Longer
Ambassador George Bruno. Give me your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free…or Perhaps Not
Tom Wessels. The Foundational Principles of Sustainability
Gary Hirshberg. Inventing a Win-Win-Win-Win Future
Sabrina Tavernice. Reporting a War
Lewis Feldstein. When you Become President of a Foundation
Eliza Griswold. The Tenth Parallel: The Fault Line Between Christianity & Islam


Sarah Lawrence-Lightfoot. The Third Chapter: Looking Back and Giving Forward
Richard S. Meryman, Jr. The Dublin Art Colony: A Medley of Great Gifts
Ted Widmer. Jefferson’s Koran: The Story of an American Book
Emily Jones. Education for a Democracy
Ben Watson. Food Traditions: Slow Food, Local Food and Backyard Biodiversity
Barry West. Society and the Communications Revolution
Sy Montgomery. Birdology


David T. Sobel. Place-based Education: Making Schools like a Farmer’s Market
Edward R. (Ted) Leach. Climate Change Challenge:  Too Little, Too Late?
Robert D. Putnam. E. Pluribus Unum: Immigration, Diversity and Community
Hahrie Han. Activism in the 2008 Campaign: What does it mean for the future?
Michelle Belletete. Addressing Humanitarian Crisis:  Joys and Sorrows
Larissa MacFarquhar. A Tourist in Other People’s Lives
Karl Kaiser. America’s New Foreign Policy: Promises and Realities


Keith Stevens & Gus Kaikkonen. A Life in Theater – The Peterborough Players Observe Their 75th Anniversary
Carl Colby. Abbott Thayer and the Sanctity of Nature
Lincoln Chen. Rockefeller, Ford & Gates – American Philanthropies Go Abroad
Charles Daloz. An Experiment in Ecological Technology
Robert Barry. Averting Nuclear Anarchy
Craig Brandon. Monadnock: More Than a Mountain


The Right Rev. V. Gene Robinson. Ministry in the Eye of the Storm
Richard Ober. Monadnock Tomorrow
P J Cooke. Carrying a Torch (Song…that is!) A Cabaret Performer
Rick Harnden, Jr. Habitable Zones: On Earth, in the Solar System & Our Galaxy
Cate Marvin. Why Poetry? Why Not?
Roderick MacFarquhar. Mao’s Last Revolution
Heather & Kacy Ames. International Child Adoption: Lessons Learned during the Past 50 Years


Charlton MacVeagh, Jr. Doing Good, Well: 25 Years of Community Development
Samuel B. Mukasa. Climate Change: Lessons Learned from Antarctica
John Hanson Mitchell. Mr. Gilbert: Uncovering the Life of the First African-American Landscape Photographer
Dorothy Yanish. “Her Top Was Ethereal – Her Bottom Divine!” a Lighthearted Look at the Life of an Opera Singer
Dr. Stephen Gehlbach. Seeking the Medical Cures: Some Lessons from the Past
Deborah Schachter. Acts of Caring & Community Building: NH Charitable Giving
Dr. David Deifik. Birding Adventures in Australia: Exotic Species Down Under


Dan Barry. The Worth in the Life of a Knucklehead
Jeanne Duval. Between Perception and Invention: Three Generations of Figurative Artists
Dr. Robert Chase, M.D. Trajectory: Scientific Discoveries in Medicine
Anne Ostendarp. Who Was Amos Fortune?
Dr. Andrew Cooke. Stories & Reflections of a New Hampshire Veterinarian
Jody Connor. How Healthy Are New Hampshire’s Lakes & Ponds?
Anne McClellan. Traditions of the Cherry Blossom Festival


Walter H. Peterson. Reflections on Troubled Times
Ruah Donnelly. Plant Sleuthing in N.E.  with a Horticultural Connoisseur
Carroll J. Lehman. Music and the Human Experience
G. Goodby. 11,000 Years: Monadnock Native America History & Archaeology
Barbara Dimmick. Novel One, Novel Two, Novel Three
Skip Cornelius. Advertising Myths and Realities
Mitchell S. Thomashow. Observing Environmental Change: Why It Matters


Michelle & Jack Belletete. High Mountain Hiking: Monadnock to Kilimanjaro
Colony, L. Willett. Harrisville: Stewardship of a National Historic Village
Cheryl Young. MacDowell Colony: Residency Programs Shape the Art World
Donald J. Williams. The Galileo Mission: Summary and Mission’s End
Bob Abernathy. What I’ve Learned About Covering Religion
Carl Cooley. Disabilities & Families: Insights into Resiliency & Adaption
Robert Barry. Nation Building – Path to Democracy or Hegemony?


Peter Quick. Mapping the Underground – A Subterranean Visit
Polly Longsworth. Emily Dickinson’s Civil War
Sheila Blair. The Art of Writing in Islamic Art
Richard Ober. The Power of Place
Robert Emmett Ginna, jr. Knowing Ireland: A Walk through Past and Present
J. Reno. Different Mountain: Reflections of a Professor of Religious Studies
Dan Hurlin. Beyond Kermit–A Performance Artist Finds His Way to Puppetry


David H. Watters. Robert Frost’s Civil War
Jonathan Shackleton. Sir Ernest Shackleton
Jonathan Bloom. The Paper Trail
Lori Arviso Alvord, M.D. Ceremony Medicine
R. Harnden, Jr. NASA X-Ray Vision
Ronald M. Green, The Human Gnome
Judson Hale, Weather/Otherwise


Thomas K. Wessels. New England’s Changing Landscape
Zachary Wright. Islamic Culture and Religion
John P. Resch. Marx and Mills
Steven N. Fiering. Molecular Genetics
Ambassador Nancy E. Soderberg. Taking Risks for Peace
Henry M. Shooshan. Wired for the 21″ Century
Olga M. Davidson. Iran Today


Sarah Lawrence-Lightfoot. Balm in Gilead
Jere R. Daniell. Algonkian New Hampshire
Susan Heuck Allen. The Walls of Troy
James J. McCarthy. Global Climate
Charles G. Bickford. A Year in Hanoi
Ambassador Bill Richardson. American Diplomacy
Donald J. Williams. Jupiter – Results


Deval L. Patrick. What Are Civil Rights?
Allen Koop. German POW’s in New Hampshire
Roderick & Emily MacFarquhar. Hong Kong Takeaways
Judge Nancy Gertner. Judging in the 90’s
Lee A. Sawyer. Hollywood “The Crucible”
George J. Hagerty. Higher Education
William W. Cook. Dr. Seuss


William W. Cook. Frederick Douglas Orator
Donald Hall. Poems from Eagle Pond
Virginia Eskin. N.H. Ground for Arts
Shirley Williams. Nations Coping with Change
Robert A. Chase, M.D. A & D Presentation Then/Now
Dayton Duncan. The West
David H. Watters. N.H. Gravestones


Rawn W. Spearman. Music & Poetry: Langston Hughes’ Search for “Soul”
John O. Voll. Muslims and the West: Can We Live Together?
Cornelia Montgomery. Oriental Rugs: Beyond the Fringe
Arthur Kell. Into Africa: A Solo Journey from Senegal to Kenya
Robert D. Putnam. Bowling Alone: Civic Disengagement in America
Donald J. Williams. The NASA Galileo Mission to Jupiter: Journey’s End
D. Steinfeld, T. Kearney, B. Keough. Privacy & Justice: Press Gone Too Far?


Virginia Eskin. The Ragtime Era: From Spirituals to Jazz
Walter H. Peterson. Wither Free Speech in a Society of Limits
Thomas W. Langfitt, M.D. The Health Care Debate is Misdirected
Jane C. Mylander. The Very Dailiness of it All
Stephen H. Taylor. Food, Farms, and the Future
Abram T. Collier. So, You Want to Be Rich?
Roderick MacFarquhar. China in Transition


Theodore P. Greene. Jaffrey in Amos Fortune’s Day
David R. Woods. Living & Teaching in Central African’s Congo
Sy Montgomery. Tiger Magic
Merle A. Legg M.D., Yangja Jung-Legg M.D. Medicine & the Many Faces of China
Charles E. Buckley. North from Boston: The Cabinetmakers’ Trade 1730-1830
Arthur M. Pappas, M.D. A Baseball Fan’s Guide to Sports Medicine
Susan McLane. Which Way for New Hampshire?


Margaret Bean. Jaffrey and Willa Cather
Charles A. DeGrandpre. Politics & Justice: An Analysis of the N.H. Court System
Charles V. Willie. A Multicultural Perspective on Educational Reform
Elizabeth Pool. Pen, Brush, Chisel, & Clef: Dublin’s Halcyon Days
Louis L. Tucker. Jeremy Belknap, New Hampshire’s Happy Historian
Robert A. Chase, M.D. The Stereoscope in Grandmother’s Attic
Richard Pipes. Soviet Sunset-Russian Dawn


Jere R. Daniell. The American Love Affair with the New England Meeting House
Donald J. Williams. The Galileo Mission to Jupiter: A Solar System Adventure
Robert Campbell. New England Town & Country: Architecture and Urban Design
Jean L. Hennessey. Quebec versus Canada: The James Bay Experience
John H. Mitchell. Thoreauvian Excursions
Janet Levine. The Turmoil of Transition: South Africa in the 90’s
J. O’Rourke. The Persian Gulf War


Gregor McGregor. Glasnost, Perestroika & Pollution: Environmental Challenges
Peter Ryner. Managing Growth and Change in the Monadnock Region
Lois K. Stabler. The World of Abner Sanger
Charles Merrill. Post-Communist Poland & Czechoslovakia: Hopes and Dangers
R.P. McDonough, R. Merryman, A. Olney. Book Publishing: Best Seller or Perish
Charles Darden. Great Scott! The Scott Joplin Story
Dennis Littky. What Makes a Good School: Examples from Thayer High


Richard Lederer. The Strange Case of the English Language
Margaret Bean. The Dean Murder Mystery
George F. Cahill, Jr. M.D. The Human Genome: Implications
Dayton Duncan. 1988 Presidential Election: Grassroots to Media Campaign
Burgess Ayres. Some Giants of the Schoolyard
Marian I. Hughes. Amos Fortune: Sharing His Life Throughout the World
Gregory Nagy. Images of the Hero in Ancient Greece


Judith A. Sturnick. Leadership & Ambiguity: Perspectives on Higher Education
Dayton R. Duncan. The N.H. Primary: Myth and Reality
Shirley G. Adamovich. Cultural Perspectives: Libraries, Arts, Historical Resources
John A. Hrones. Religion and Science – Uneasy Partners
Lawrence M. Benaquist, David Leinster. Regional Studies & Documentary Film
Judson D. Hale, Sr. New England: Shall We Keep It?
Betty Tamposi. Development & Conservation: Do Opposites Attract?


J. O’Rourke. A Tourist in the World’s Trouble Spots
Paul O. Bofinger. Trust for New Hampshire Lands
James F. A. Traniello. Social Behavior of Insects
Robert D. Yaro. The Changing Landscape of Rural New England
Charles Hamlen. Behind the Scenes with a Concert Manager
Margaret A. Johnson. Overlooking the Bosphorus: A Teacher’s View of Turkey
Robert A. Chase, M.D. Medical Experience in India


Elizabeth Yates-McGreal. Amos Fortune Lives
Richard Frede. Researching Fiction: Adventures in Reality
Christopher Isham. Black Trade Union Dynamics of Change in South Africa
Arthur E. Palmer. Environmental Aspects of Real Estate Development
Stuart Wallace. Ethnic Origins of a Yankee State
Moncrieff J. Spear. Vietnam – The Fall of the Highlands
Richard F. Brinckerhoff. Stonehenge


Charles Merrill. Don’t Roller-skate in the Hallways
Graham H. Jeffries. Problems of Health Care in a Third World Country
Robert Emmett Ginna, Jr. Books That Matter and Their Writers
Henry A. Freedman. Jack Levine-An American Painter Protester
Alfred Leroy Atherton, Jr. Middle East Perspectives
Henry Lee. Changing Environmental Priorities
John Dryfhout. Saint Gaudens & the 100th Anniversary of the Cornish Art Colony


Wayne Green. Restoring America’s Technological Leadership
Marilyn R. Campbell. Agriculture, Legislatively Speaking
Bancroft Greene. Letters from the Ainsworth Manse
Jonathan T. Ericsen. Do Birds Need Glasses?
Meade Cadot. Birds & Beasts of Our Wild Woods & How to Keep Them with Us
Sidney B. Smith. An Afternoon with Helen Keller
Phillippa Shaplin. Trans-Oceanic Art of the Americas Before Columbus


Sheldon S. Sawyer. Nothing Without Agriculture
J. O’Rourke. Exurbia Etiquette: Country Courtesy for Ex-Urbanites
Robert Alvin. Reflections on the Arduous Art of the Actor
Martha C. Moutner. U.S.- Soviet Relations – Old Wine in New Bottlenecks
Christopher Barnes. The MacDowell Colony – 75 Years of Eden
Ozzie Sweet. I Love the Wild
John R. Schott. Foreign Aid – A Personal and Professional Statement


Frances Nankin. Cobblestone: A Place to Begin
Richard Noyes. If These Walls Had Ears
Henry F. Smith, M.D. The History of Childhood
Charlton MacVeagh. Economics of the Monadnock Region-Past & Near Future
Robert A. Chase, M.D. Horizon Watching in Medicine
Mary Catherine Bateson. The Uses of Tradition
Ernest Hebert. You Can Go Home Again


Richard E. Cunningham. Willa Cather: Flight from the Wasteland
James L. Tullis, M.D. Medical Vignettes from the Bible
Barbara J. Seelye. From the Inside Looking Out: A View of American Education
Watson D. Reid, M.D. Holistic Medicine: Personal Perspective on a New Paradigm for Health
Bradford C. deWolf. The Joy of Working in Wood and Stained Glass
Judson D. Hale. Weatherwise and Otherwise: “It Always Rains on April 22”
Gregor I. McGregor. Political Barriers to Energy Conservation


D.B. Bryan. Friendly Fire & Some Not So Friendly
F.Cheney, Fr. A. Hoglof, Rabbi R.Gittelsohn. Religion: Past, Present, and Future
Ira U. Cobleigh. The Roaring 80s in Wall Street
Jeff MacNally. A Sharp Pen Draws the Political Scene
John A. Gould. Truth of Fiction: A Novelist’s Aesthetic
Harold H. Hammer. Energy: Problems, Production, & Prices
Anthony Willie Jenkins. ABC (A Better Chance) Program Revisited


William C. Kruse. NATO: What is it?
Tom Smith. Amos Fortune: His Life & Times Through Folk Songs
David D. VanStrien. Palestinians: Key to Settling Arab Israeli Conflict
Leonard Fein. The U.S., Israel, and the Arabs
John G. Clark, Jr. M.D. The Cult Phenomenon
Elizabeth Yanof & Sidney Bixler. Equal Rights Amendment: Who Needs It?
Bernard M. Barenholz. Early American Folk Art


Seymour St. John. The Late 60’s: Revolution or Aberration?
Richard T. Baker. The Pulitzer Prizes
Judge David Nelson. Crime, Youth, Race, & the Courts
David Birch. The Future of the Monadnock Region
Belle Dale Poole. Volunteers in Service to America: Medical & Social Problems
Donald Hall. Saving More String


Lael Wertenbaker. Correspondent WW II
Donald Burness. Africa Recaptured: An Essay on African Literature
Frederick Buechner. Reading from His Works
Robert Brandin. The Fallacies of Foreign Policy
William P. Bittenbender. Education and the Future of America
Maynard W. Swanson. Way Down South in Africa: Tension and Change


Donald M. Frame. Montaigne on the Absurdity & Dignity of Man
Prof. and Mrs. John K. Fairbanks. The Uncertain Future of China and America
J.Christopher, J.F.Hyde, S.F. Keller. Solar Panel
Judson D. Hale. The Power of Country Thinking or Cooking Candy for the Brain
Henry Pleasants. Art of the American Popular Singer
The Hon. Walter Peterson. Private Colleges: How Strong a Breed?
Ian A. Ferrier. Socialized Medicine: What’s the Cost?


David McCord. Poetry: The Unclimbed Ladder
Emily Flint. People of the Sun: Mexico and Peru
The Rev. Bradford Abernathy. Christianity – Kenya Style
Bruce McClellan. North Atlantic Crossing
George Kendall. The MacDowell Colony, The MacDowells, Artists, Arts, etc.
G.McGregor. Environmental Movement: Passing Fancy or Permanent Reform


Michael Morello. Hope and Challenge for Troubled Youth
Mary Williams. Horses and Mankind in General and Me in Particular
Fr. T.Bresnahan, Fr. J.Heller. Personal Portrait of Changes in the Catholic Church
Agnes Seelye Bixler. Women in Sports: Ramifications of Current Legislation
Sen. Thomas J. McIntyre. A Senator’s Viewpoint
John Leonard. This Pen for Hire


Herbert Shore. Live Free or Die: New England Poetry of Freedom
Forrest F. Tenney, M.D. A Doctor in the Barn
Thomas N. Bonner. The Vision of the Land Grant College
Ambassador Margaret Joy Tibbetts. The U.S. and Scandinavia
Elma Lewis. Creative Black America
Theodore P. Greene. Jaffrey – 200 Years


Gail Von Hahmann. Bridges of Understanding in a Changing World
Milton Katz. Technology, the Environment, & the New Meaning of Growth
Stanley M. Polan. Religion’s Contribution to the Quality of Life
W.B. Hart, Jr., J.B. Colony. Harrisville: The Preservation of a Historic Community
Bramwell Fletcher. Spirit of Man, a Literary Program of the Library of Congress
Margaret Judson. The Reign of Henry VIII as Interpreted by Recent Historians
Kenneth Galbraith. Foreign Policy


Fay L. Gemmell. Plan for Planned Parenthood in SW New Hampshire
C.B. Lyon, G.W. Lewis, C.B. Kidd. Discussion of U.S. Foreign Affairs
Elizabeth Pool. The Flight of the Phoenix
Daniel Bliss. Can There Be Peace in the Middle East?
Roland B. Gittelsohn. The Meaning of Israel for Americans
May Sarton. The Delights of the Poet
Walter R. Peterson. The State of the State


William D. Falcom. Organized Crime & Its Willing Victims
Leo F. Redfern. Student Unrest and Aspirations
George R. Fitzgerald. What Do Students Want? A Look at Youth Culture
Cheves Walling. Is Science Relevant?
Francis M. Woods, M.D. The Ship HOPE: It’s Aims & Limitations
Marion Kilson. African and Shakespearean Worlds
Ernest J. Simmons. Russian View of American Foreign Policy


Mary E. Bunting. Community and Structure in Our Universities
James S. Duesenberry. National Priorities and Fiscal Policy
Martin Kilson. Black Separation on Campus
G.E. Wright. A Story That Began in Jaffrey: A Conservative as Abolitionist in Ohio
Russell Baker. The Artistry of William Faulkner
Jane W. Torrey. Grammar Like It Is – In Harlem
Robert S. Morison. Science, Society, and Individual Freedom


Raymond C. Parrott. The Peace Corps: Mobilization for Peace
Carl J. Friedrich. Human Aspects of European Community Formation
Ernst Mayr. Human Evolution, Past & Future
Monadnock Music. Lecture – Recital: Baroque Music
Richard E. Pipes. The Unchanging Russia
Oliver S. Taylor. Can We Understand the American City?
Alan Sweezy. Voluntary Population Control: Will It Work?


John D. Wild. Existentialism and the Situation of Philosophy
Elting Morison. What Happens When You Change the Machinery?
Wheeler G. Merriam. Military Victory & Political Defeat
Ethan C. Tolman. Community Planning
Donald Born. Second Gentleman
Annette B. Cottrell. Wild Australia and New Guinea
Rolland Tapley. Inside B.S.O.


Gregorio Prestopino. The Artist and His Work
Robert Newbegin. America’s Foreign Service from the Inside
Sherman Adams. Today and Yesterday
Theodore P. Greene. The Truth about April 19, 1775
Edwin H. Land. On Magnificent Mechanisms that Lie Between Skin and Soul
John W. Kulish. Out of the Woods
Gen Isaac D. White. The Longest War


Jason C. Sawyer. Personal Experiences in New Hampshire Courts
Norris Cotton & James Cleveland. The Future of the G.O.P.
Helen Kirkpatrick. The Struggle in Vietnam
James D. Ewing. Impressions of the Soviet Union
Martin Kilson. Civil Rights in the Post-War World
Ernest Wright. An Archeological Year in the Not So Holy Land
Ross A. McFarland. First Men on the Moon


Alexander Magoun. Amos Fortune’s Choice
Abram T. Collier. The Individual and the Organization
Roland B. Gittelsohn. Man’s Best Hope
John Rock, M.D. The Population Explosion
Lyman F. Rutledge. New England in the Life of the World
Newton F. Tolman. New Hampshire’s Newest Triumph
Ernest J. Simmons. Soviet Union and Social Change


Graham B. Blaine, Jr. Understanding the Adolescent
Thayer A. Greene. God and Dr. Freud
George P. Baker. National Transportation Problems
Ernest Wright. Archeology and the Early Stories of the Bible
Leland S. McKittrick & Frederick Cunliffe. Medicare
Donald M. Frame. Pleasures and Problems of Translation
Seelye Bixler. Free Thais and Liberal Arts


Charles H. Taylor. Rising Test Scores & Tensions: A Report on Post-War Harvard
Lt. Col. Clifford Bowen. The Battle of the Bulge
F.M. Eaton, R.B. Gittelsohn, T.Greene. The Price of Peace
Philip Drinker. Air Pollution
Alvin L. Kershaw. The Spiritual Significance of Mass Culture
A.Eldredge, G.Prestopino, R.T. Smith. Is Contemporary Art Contemporary?
R.B. Greeley, B.McClellan, F.S. Von Stade, Jr. How to Get into College Today


Michael Martin. English and European Gardens
Clarence P. Quimby. What Price Prejudice?
Herbert E. Bixler. Competition in Transportation
Tudor Richards. Conservation of Wildlife and Natural Areas
John H. Morison. Our New Look at Latin America
Kenneth D. Roberts. Antique Clocks
LWV Panel. U.N. Agencies to Relieve World Tensions


May Sarton. The Poet’s Work
Ernest J. Simmons. Pasternak and the Crisis of Russian Literature
Llewelyn Thomas Evans. The Language of Animals
Alice V. Keliher. Today’s Children and Tomorrow’s World
Harlow Shapley. Evolution – From Hydrogen to Homo Sapiens and Beyond
Roy W. Baker. Restoration of Early American Houses – Wayside Inn
Roy W. Johnson. Manifesto for the Space Age


Beekman H. Pool. The Arctic: Romance and Reality
Ross A. McFarland. Problems of Placing Man in Space
Michael G. Hall. The First American Revolution, 1689
Richard Noyes. Life with “Life with Father”
Barry Faulkner. Royall Tyler, Author and Jurist
Leon A. ‘Housman. Some Interesting Phases in the Study of Bird Life
Catherine Drinker Bowen. Looking for Biographical News


Ellen Faulkner. India’s Children and UNICEF
Elting E. Morison. The Presidential Power
Seelye Bixler. Reminiscences of Dr. Albert Schweitzer
Philip Drinker. Health Problems of Modern Industry
Alvin H. Kershaw. A Powerful Exponent: American Jazz
Eugene Kingman. The Art Heritage of the Early West
Ernest Wright. An Archeologist at Work in Palestine


Helen Kirkpatrick Milbank. The Age of Violence
Ray Winfield Smith. Some Implications of the Near Eastern Crisis
Thomas H. Billings. Dionysus & Apollo: Mystic, Emotion, & Common Sense
Robert H. George. 17th Century Treasure Hunt
Robert W. White. Psychological Health and Ethical Values
Charles E. Buckley. Sculpture in the 20th Century
William P. House. The First American Attempt on K-2, the 2nd Highest Mountain


Harlow Shapley. Galaxies
Gordon A. Craig. Germany and the Defense of Western Europe
Norman I. Torrey. Benjamin Franklin in France
William Patton Hill. Creatures of the Sky
Amory H. Bradford. The Freedom of the Press
Frederick Karl. Robert Burns, The Pioneer of Western Democracy
Russell T. Smith. The Present-day Problems of the Professional Artist


Claude Moore Fuess. The Yankee Spirit
Guy Murchie, Jr. Lessons Learned from the Sky
James Johnson Sweeney. The Changing Vocabulary of American Art Today
Henry Steele Commager. The Community of Learning
Barry Faulkner. Personal Reminiscences of Artists of Monadnock Region
Theodore P. Greene. Jaffrey in Amos Fortune’s Day
Mrs. D. Glyn Millard. Arabs, Measles and Hellenes


Allan Carman. The Theatre: A Reflection of the Times
David R. Campbell. Handicrafts in the Machine Age
William B. Rice. Pioneering in Emotional Hygiene
Robert S. Morison. The Development of Modern Medicine in Africa
Roland B. Gittelsohn. Fiction and Fact about the State of Israel
Thomas H. Johnson. Emily Dickinson’s Religious Philosophy
Ralph C. Williams. What Do We Mean by Realism in Literature?
Frederic A. Pease, Jr. Report from Evanston: World Council of Churches


Lawrance W. Rathbun. Conservation Today
Norman L. Torrey. Foreign Languages in American Schools
Elsie M. Priest. Life in Communist China
Benjamin Bradford. The Concept of the Citizen in Confused World
Olive A. Cooper. The Parent’s Past & the Child’s Future
James Mark. America and World Affairs – A British View
James H. Robinson. Tomorrow Is Too Late
Thornton Wilder. Modern Literature and the Inner Life


Julius Seelye Bixler. What does Europe Expect of Us?
Robb Sagendorph. Almanacs and Their Makers
Ernest Bernbaum. What Do We Mean by Western Civilization?
William McGreal. Ways to New Vision
Norris Cotton. Echoes from Congress
Frederick H. Sternfeld. Music of the Movies
John R. Supple. The Problem and Control of Alcoholism
James I. Tullis. Modern Uses of Blood in Civilian Defense


Kate S. Kendall (Mrs. George). Our Forgotten Natural Resource
William McCleery. A Time for Comedy
Alexander Magoun. The Unrecognized Wealth
Neil Leonard. Baseball and Slavery
Ernest J. Simmons. Is it Possible to Negotiate with Russia?
Jerome D. Greene. The American Founders of Milford Haven


Rupert MacLaurin. Can We Provide Low-Cost Housing?
Elizabeth Yates (Mrs. McGreal). Fortune’s Choice
Charles E. Park. The Ideal of American Citizenship
Herbert B. Elliston. The Washington Whirligig
Leland S. McKittrick. Is Compulsory Health Insurance the Solution?
Donald Needham. Who’s Ahead in the War on Crime?
Leroy M. S. Miner. Bread and Barter
James H. Robinson. The Negro Problem as the Negro Sees It


Herbert F. Moore. An Engineer Looks at Religion
Thomas H. Billings. A Modest Plea for a Slight Tincture of Letters in Education
Nathan C. Starr. An Enduring King: Reflections on King Arthur
Theodore Ainsworth Greene. What happened at Amsterdam in 1948?
Herbert B. Elliston. Aims and Difficulties of Our Foreign Policy
Elizabeth S. Bixler. Nursing: “What’s Past is Prologue”
Walter Seeley. Tradition and Contemporary Art
Reuben L. Lurie. Ordinary People in an Extraordinary World


Robert W. White. Our Political Opinions: Are They Rational?
Paul Elman. T. S. Eliot and Mr. Sweeney
Alexander Magoun. A Look Inside Human Behavior
Julius Seelye Bixler. An Evening with Wagner’s Meistersinger
Chester Jones. Medical Mission in Europe, 1948
Ernest Bernbaum. What Really is Liberty and How Do We Secure It?
Izette DeForest. The Discipline of Psychoanalysis
Harlow Shapley. Stars and Galaxies


Grenville Clark. Progress Toward World Government
Harlow Shapley. Are There Better Planets?
Karl Taylor Compton. Military Training
George Stewart. Our Moment in History
Wladyslaw Kulski. Problems of the Two Europes
William Elgin Wickendon. Dividing the Fruits of Progress
Julius Seelye Bixler. Salvaging the Modern Mind
Ernest Bernbaum. Unsought Springs of Civilization
Walter Phelps Hall. Palestine
Charles Oscar Gregory. New Labor Laws