The Amos Fortune Forum
2016 - Our 70th Season

List of Previous Speakers

Speaker Title Year
Speaker Title Year
Grenville Clark Progress Toward World Government 1947
Harlow Shapley Are There Better Planets 1947
Karl Taylor Compton Military Training 1947
George Stewart Our Moment in History 1947
Wladyslaw Kulski Problems of Two Europes 1947
William Elgin Wickendon Dividing the Fruits of Progress 1947
Julius Seelye Bixler Salvaging the Modern Mind 1947
Ernest Bernbaum Unsought Springs of Civilization 1947
Walter Phelps Hall Palestine 1947
Charles Oscar Gregory New Labor Laws 1947
Robert W. White Our Political Opinions : Rational? 1948
Paul Elman T. S. Eliot and Mr. Sweeney 1948
F. Alexander Magoun A Look Inside Human Behavior 1948
Julius Seelye Bixler Wagner's Meistersinger 1948
Chester Jones Medical Mission in Europe 1948 1948
Ernest Bernbaum What is Liberty? How do we secure it? 1948
Izette DeForest The Discipline of Psychoanalysis 1948
Harlow Shapley Stars and Galaxies 1948
Herbert F. Moore An Engineer Looks at Religion 1949
Thomas H. Billings Letters in Education 1949
Nathan C. Starr Reflections on King Arthur 1949
Theodore Ainsworth Greene What happened at Amsterdam in `48 1949
Herbert B. Elliston Our Foreign Policy 1949
Elizabeth S. Bixler Nursing : What's Past is Prologue 1949
Walter Seeley Tradition and Contemporary Art 1949
Reuben L. Lurie Ordinary People in Extraordinary World 1949
W. Rupert MacLaurin Low Cost Housing? 1950
Elizabeth Yates (Mrs. McGreal) Fortune's Choice 1950
Charles E. Park Ideal American Citizenship 1950
Herbert B. Elliston The Washington Whirligig 1950
Leland S. McKittrick Compulsory Health Insurance? 1950
Donald Needham The War on Crime 1950
Leroy M. S. Miner Bread and Barter 1950
James H. Robinson The Negro Problem to the Negro 1950
Kate S. Kendall (Mrs. George) Our Forgotten Natural Resource 1951
William McCleery A Time for Comedy 1951
F. Alexander Magoun The Unrecognized Wealth 1951
Neil Leonard Baseball and Slavery 1951
Ernest J. Simmons Negotiate with Russia? 1951
Jerome D. Greene Founders of Mill Haven 1951
Julius Seelye Bixler What does Europe Expect? 1952
Robb Sagendorph Almanacs and Their Makers 1952
Ernest Bernbaum Western Civilization? 1952
William McGreal Ways to New Vision 1952
Norris Cotton Echoes from Congress 1952
Frederick H. Sternfeld Music of the Movies 1952
John R. Supple Problem of Alcoholism 1952
James I. Tullis Blood in Civilian Defense 1952
Lawrance W. Rathbun Conservation Today 1953
Norman L. Torrey Foreign Languages 1953
Elsie M. Priest Communist China 1953
Benjamin Bradford Citizen in Confused World 1953
Olive A. Cooper Parents' Past/Child's Future 1953
James Mark World Affairs - British View 1953
James H. Robinson Tomorrow Is Too Late 1953
Thornton Wilder Literature and the Inner Life 1953
Allan Carman Reflections on Theater 1954
David R. Campbell Handicrafts in the Machine Age 1954
William B. Rice Emotional Hygiene 1954
Robert S. Morison Modern Medicine in Africa 1954
Roland B. Gittelsohn Fiction and Fact about Israel 1954
Thomas H. Johnson Emily Dickinson 1954
Ralph C. Williams Realism in Literature 1954
Frederic A. Pease, Jr. World Council of Churches 1954
Claude Moore Fuess The Yankee Spirit 1955
Guy Murchie, Jr. Lessons Learned from the Sky 1955
James Johnson Sweeney American Art Today 1955
Henry Steele Commager The Community of Learning 1955
Barry Faulkner Artists of Monadnock Region 1955
Theodore P. Greene Jaffrey in Amos Fortune's Day 1955
Mrs. D. Glyn Millard Arabs, Measles and Hellenes 1955
Harlow Shapley Galaxies 1956
Gordon A. Craig Germany / Defense of Europe 1956
Norman I. Torrey Benjamin Franklin in France 1956
William Patton Hill Creatures of the Sky 1956
Amory H. Bradford The Freedom of the Press 1956
Frederick Karl Robert Burns 1956
Russell T. Smith Problems of Today's Artists 1956
Helen Kirkpatrick Milbank The Age of Violence 1957
Ray Winfield Smith Near Eastern Crisis 1957
Thomas H. Billings Mystic, Emotion, Common Sense 1957
Robert H. George 17' Century Treasure Hunt 1957
Robert W. White Psychological Health/Ethical Values 1957
Charles E. Buckley Sculpture in the 20' Century 1957
William P. House The 2nd Highest Mountain 1957
Ellen Faulkner India's Children and UNICEF 1958
Elting E. Morison The Presidential Power 1958
J. Seelye Bixler Albert Schweitzer 1958
Philip Drinker Health in Modern Industry 1958
Alvin H. Kershaw American Jazz 1958
Eugene Kingman Art Heritage of Early West 1958
Ernest Wright Archeologist in Palestine 1958
Beekman H. Pool The Arctic: Romance and Reality 1959
Ross A. McFarland Man in Space 1959
Michael G. Hall American Revolution 1689 1959
Richard Noyes Life with Father 1959
Barry Faulkner Royall Tyler Author/Jurist 1959
Leon A. 'Housman Bird Life 1959
Catherine Drinker Bowen Biographical News 1959
May Sarton The Poet's Work 1960
Ernest J. Simmons Russian Literature 1960
Llewelyn Thomas Evans Language of Animals 1960
Alice V. Keliher Today's Children 1960
Harlow Shapley Evolution 1960
Roy W. Baker Restoration Wayside Inn 1960
Roy W. Johnson Manifesto for the Space Age 1960
Michael Martin English and European Gardens 1961
Clarence P. Quimby What Price Prejudice 1961
Herbert E. Bixler Transportation 1961
Tudor Richards Conservation Wildlife 1961
John H. Morison Our New Look at Latin America 1961
Kenneth D. Roberts Antique Clocks 1961
LWV Panel U.N. Agencies Relive World Tensions 1961
Charles H. Taylor Post-War Harvard 1962
Lt. Col. Clifford Bowen Battle of the Bulge 1962
Fredrick M. Eaton Roland B. Gittelsohn Theodore Greene The Price of Peace 1962
Philip Drinker Air Pollution 1962
Alvin L. Kershaw Spiritual/Mass Culture 1962
Arthur Eldredge Gregorio Prestopino Russell T. Smith Is Contemporary Art Contemporary? 1962
Roland B. Greeley Bruce McClellan Francis S. Von Stade, Jr. How to Get Into College Today 1962
Graham B. Blaine, Jr. Understanding the Adolescent 1963
Thayer A. Greene God and Dr. Freud 1963
George P. Baker National Transportation Problems 1963
G. Ernest Wright Archeology and Bible Stories 1963
Leland S. McKittrick Frederick Cunliffe Medicare 1963
Donald M. Frame Pleasures/Problems Translation 1963
J. Seelye Bixler Free Thais and Liberal Arts 1963
Alexander Magoun Amos Fortune's Choice 1964
Abram T. Collier Individual and Organization 1964
Roland B. Gittelsohn "Man's Best Hope" 1964
John Rock, M.D. The Population Explosion 1964
Lyman F. Rutledge New England in the World 1964
Newton F. Tolman N.H.'s Newest Triumph 1964
Ernest J. Simmons Soviet Union and Social Change 1964
Jason C. Sawyer N.H. Courts 1965
Norris Cotton James Cleveland Future of the G.O.P. 1965
Helen Kirkpatrick The Struggle in Vietnam 1965
James D. Ewing The Soviet Union 1965
Martin Kilson Negro Civil Rights 1965
G. Ernest Wright Archeology in Unholy Land 1965
Ross A. McFarland First Men on the Moon 1965
Gregorio Prestopino The Artist and His Work 1966
Robert Newbegin American Foreign Service 1966
Sherman Adams Today and Yesterday 1966
Theodore P. Greene Truth about April 19,1775 1966
Edwin H. Land Magnificent Mechanisms Between Skin and Soul 1966
John W. Kulish Out of the Woods 1966
Gen Isaac D. White The Longest War 1966
John D. Wild Existentialism and Philosophy 1967
Elting Morison What Happens When You Change Machines 1967
Wheeler G. Merriam Military Victory/Political Defeat 1967
Ethan C. Tolman Community Planning 1967
Donald Born Second Gentleman 1967
Annette B. Cottrell Wild Australia and New Guinea 1967
Rolland Tapley Inside B.S.O. 1967
Raymond C. Parrott The Peace Corps 1968
Carl J. Friedrich European Community Formation 1968
Ernst Mayr Human Evolution 1968
Monadnock Music Lecture - Recital 1968
Richard E. Pipes The Unchanging Russia 1968
Oliver S. Taylor The American City 1968
Alan Sweezy Voluntary Population Control 1968
Mary E. Bunting Community and Structure in Our Universities 1969
James S. Duesenberry National Priorities and Fiscal policy 1969
Martin Kilson Black Separation on Campus 1969
G. Ernest Wright Jaffrey to Ohio 1969
Russell Baker William Faulkner 1969
Jane W. Torrey Grammar Like It Is in Harlem 1969
Robert S. Morison Science, Society and Individual Freedom 1969
William D. Falcom Organized Crime/Willing Victims 1970
Leo F. Redfern Student Unrest and Aspirations 1970
George R. Fitzgerald What Do Students Want? 1970
Cheves Walling Is Science Relevant 1970
Francis M. Woods, M.D. The Ship HOPE Aims/Limitations 1970
Marion Kilson African/ Shakespearian Worlds 1970
Ernest J. Simmons Russian View of American Policy 1970
Fay L. Gemmell Planned Parenthood in SW New Hampshire. 1971
Cecil B. Lyon Geoffrey W. Lewis Coburn B. Kidd U.S. Foreign Affairs 1971
Elizabeth Pool The Flight of the Phoenix 1971
Daniel Bliss Peace in the Middle East? 1971
Roland B. Gittelsohn The Meaning of Israel to America 1971
May Sarton The Delights of the Poet 1971
Gail Von Hahmann Bridges of Understanding 1972
Milton Katz Technology/Meaning of Growth 1972
Stanley M. Polan Religion/Quality of Life 1972
William B. Hart, Jr. John B. Colony, III Harrisville Preservation 1972
Bramwell Fletcher Spirit of Man 1972
Margaret Judson Reign of Henry VIII 1972
J. Kenneth Galbraith Foreign Policy 1972
Herbert Shore N.E. Poetry of Freedom 1973
Forrest F. Tenney, M.D. A Doctor in the Barn 1973
Thomas N. Bonner Land/Grant College 1973
Ambassador Margaret Joy Tibbetts U.S. and Scandinavia 1973
Elma Lewis Creative Black America 1973
Theodore P. Greene Jaffrey - 200 Years 1973
Michael Morello Hope for Troubled Youth 1974
Mary Williams Horses/Mankind/Me 1974
Fr. Thomas Bresnahan Fr. James Heller Change in the Catholic Church 1974
Agnes Seelye Bixler Women in Sports 1974
Sen. Thomas J. McIntyre A Senator's Viewpoint 1974
John Leonard This Pen for Hire 1974
David McCord Poetry: The Unclimbed Ladder 1975
Emily Flint People of Mexico and Peru 1975
The Rev. Bradford Abernathy Christianity - Kenya Style 1975
Bruce McClellan North Atlantic Crossing 1975
George Kendall The MacDowell Colony 1975
George McGregor Environmental Moment 1975
John Christopher Jean Flewelling Hyde Scott F. Keller Solar Panel 1976
Donald M. Frame Montaign - Absurdity/Dignity 1976
Prof. and Mrs. John K. Fairbanks China and America 1976
Judson D. Hale Power of Country Thinking 1976
Henry Pleasants American Popular Singer 1976
The Hon. Walter Peterson Private Colleges 1976
Ian A. Ferrier Socialized Medicine 1976
Lael Wertenbaker Correspondent WW II 1977
Donald Burness African Literature 1977
Frederick Buechner Reading from his works 1977
Robert Brandin Foreign Policy Fallacies 1977
William P. Bittenbender Education and the Future 1977
Maynard W. Swanson Down South in Africa 1977
Seymour St. John The 60's Revolution? 1978
Richard T. Baker The Pulitzer Prizes 1978
Judge David Nelson Crime/Youth/Courts 1978
David Birch Monadnock Region 1978
Belle Dale Poole Medical/Social Volunteers 1978
Donald Hall Saving More String 1978
William C. Kruse NATO : What is it? 1979
Tom Smith Amos Fortune Folk Songs 1979
David D. VanStrien Palestine - The Key 1979
Leonard Fein U.S. Israel and Arabs 1979
John G. Clark, Jr. M.D. The Cult Phenomenon 1979
Elizabeth Yanof Sidney Bixler Equal Rights Amendment 1979
Bernard M. Barenholz American Folk Art 1979
C. D/ B/ Bryan Friendly/Unfriendly Fire 1980
Francis X. Cheney Fr. Anthony Hoglof Rabbi Roland Gittelsohn Religion Past/Present/Future 1980
Ira U. Cobleigh Wall Street in the 80's 1980
Jeff MacNally A Sharp Pen/Cartoons 1980
John A. Gould Truth of Fiction 1980
Harold H. Hammer Energy Problems/Prices 1980
Anthony Willie Jenkins ABC Program 1980
Richard E. Cunningham Willa Cather 1981
James L. Tullis, M.D. Medical Vignettes/Bible 1981
Barbara J. Seelye American Education 1981
Watson D. Reid, M.D. Holistic Medicine 1981
Bradford C. deWolf Wood and Stained Glass 1981
Judson D. Hale Weatherwise/Otherwise 1981
George M. I. McGregor Energy - Political 1981
Frances Nankin Cobblestone Magazine 1982
Richard Noyes If These Walls Had Ears 1982
Henry F. Smith, M.D. History of Childhood 1982
Charlton MacVeagh, Jr. Monad. Region Economy 1982
Robert A. Chase, M.D. Medicine Horizons 1982
Mary Catherine Bateson Uses of Tradition 1982
Ernest Hebert You Can Go Home Again 1982
P. J. O'Rourke Exurbia Etiquette 1983
Robert Alvin Art of the Actor 1983
Martha C. Moutner U.S. - Soviet 1983
Christopher Barnes MacDowell Colony 1983
Ozzie Sweet I Love the Wild 1983
John R. Schott Foreign Aid 1983
Sheldon S. Sawyer Nothing Without Agriculture 1983
Wayne Green America's Technology Leadership 1984
Charles Merrill Don't Rollerskate in the Hallways 1984
Marilyn R. Campbell Agriculture - Legislatively 1984
Bancroft Greene Ainsworth Manse 1984
Jonathan T. Ericsen Do Birds Need Glasses 1984
Meade Cadot Birds and Beasts 1984
Sidney B. Smith Helen Keller 1984
Phillippa D. Shaplin American Art Before Columbus 1984
Elizabeth Yates-McGreal Amos Fortune Lives 1985
Graham H. Jeffries Health Care in 3`d World Country 1985
Robert Emmett Ginna, Jr. Books/Writers That Matter 1985
Henry A. Freedman Jack Levine An American Painter Protester 1985
Alfred Leroy Atherton, Jr. Middle East Perspectives 1985
Henry Lee Environmental Priorities 1985
John H. Dryfhout August Saint Gaudens 1985
Richard Frede Researching Fiction 1986
Christopher Isham Adapt or Die/South Africa 1986
Arthur E. Palmer Environmental Real Estate 1986
R. Stuart Wallace Ethnic Origins 1986
Moncrieff J. Spear. Vietnam 1986
Richard F. Brinckerhoff Stonehenge 1986
P. J. O'Rourke Tourist in Trouble Spots 1987
Paul O. Bofinger N.H. Lands 1987
James F. A. Traniello Insects Behavior 1987
Robert D. Yaro Changing N.E. Landscape 1987
Charles Hamlen Concert Manager 1987
Margaret A. Johnson Teacher's View of Turkey 1987
Robert A. Chase, M.D. Medical Experiences India 1987
Judith A. Sturnick Higher Education 1988
Dayton R. Duncan N.H. Primary 1988
Shirley Gray Adamovich N.H.Dept. Libraries, Arts, History, 1988
John A. Hrones Religion and Science 1988
Lawrence M. Benaquist David R. Leinster Regional Studies and the Documentary Film 1988
Judson D. Hale, Sr. N.E. Shall We Keep It? 1988
Betty Tamposi Development/Conservation 1988
Richard Lederer Strange English Language 1989
Margaret Bean Dean Murder Mystery 1989
George F. Cahill, Jr. M.D. The Human Genome 1989
Dayton Duncan Presidential Election `88 1989
C. Burgess Ayres Giants of the Schoolyard 1989
Marian I. Hughes Amos Fortune in the World 1989
Gregory Nagy Ancient Greek Heroes 1989
Gregor I. McGregor Glasnost Perestroika 1990
Peter Ryner Monadnock Region 1990
Lois K. Stabler The World of Abner Sanger 1990
Charles Merrill Poland/Czechoslovakia 1990
Richard P. McDonough Richard Merryman Austin Olney Book Publishing Today 1990
Charles Darden Scott Joplin Story 1990
Dennis Littky What Makes A Good School 1990
Jere R. Daniell The N.E. Meeting House 1991
Donald J. Williams Mission to Jupiter 1991
Robert Campbell N.E. Architecture 1991
Jean L. Hennessey Quebec's Canada 1991
John H. Mitchell Thoreauvian Excursions 1991
Janet Levine South Africa in the 90's 1991
P. J. O'Rourke Persian Gulf War 1991
Margaret Bean Jaffrey and Willa Cather 1992
Charles A. DeGrandpre N.H. Court System 1992
Charles V. Willie Multicultural Education 1992
Elizabeth Pool Dublin's Halcyon Days 1992
Louis L. Tucker Belknap N.H. History 1992
Robert A. Chase, M.D. The Stereoscope 1992
Richard Pipes Soviet Sunset/Russia Dawn 1992
Theodore P. Greene Amos Fortune's Jaffrey 1993
David R. Woods Living in Africa's Congo 1993
Sy Montgomery Tiger Magic 1993
Merle A. Legg M.D. Yangja Jung-Legg M.D. Medicine and China 1993
Charles E. Buckley Cabinetmaker 1780-1830 1993
Arthur M. Pappas, M.C. Sports Medicine 1993
Susan McLane Which Way N.H.? 1993
Virginia Eskin Ragtime-Spirituals to Jazz 1994
Walter H. Peterson Free Speech? 1994
Thomas W. Langfitt, M.C. Health Care Debate 1994
Jane C. Mylander The Very Dailiness 1994
Stephen H. Taylor Food. Farms/Future 1994
Abram T. Collier So You Want To Be Rich? 1994
Roderick MacFarquhar China in Transition 1994
Rawn W. Spearman Music to Poetry 1995
John O. Voll Muslims and the West 1995
Cornelia Montgomery Oriental Rugs 1995
Arthur Kell Solo into Africa 1995
Robert D. Putnam Bowling Alone 1995
Donald J. Williams Jupiter Journey's End 1995
Joseph D. Steinfeld Thomas Kearney Bruce Keough Has the Press Gone Too Far? 1995
William W. Cook Frederick Douglas Orator 1996
Donald Hall Poems from Eagle Pond 1996
Virginia Eskin N.H. Ground for Arts 1996
Shirley Williams Nations Coping with Change 1996
Robert A. Chase, M.D. A & D Presentation Then/Now 1996
Dayton Duncan The West 1996
David H. Watters N.H. Gravestones 1996
Deval L. Patrick What Are Civil Rights? 1997
Allen Koop German POW's in N.H. 1997
Roderick and Emily MacFarquhar Hong Kong Takeaway 1997
Judge Nancy Gertner Judging in the 90's 1997
Lee A. Sawyer Hollywood "The Crucible" 1997
George J. Hagerty Higher Education 1997
William W. Cook Dr. Seuss 1997
Sarah Lawrence-Lightfoot Balm in Gilead 1998
Jere R. Daniell Algonkian N.H. 1998
Susan Heuck Allen The Walls of Troy 1998
James J. McCarthy Global Climate 1998
Charles G. Bickford A Year in Hanoi 1998
Ambassador Bill Richardson American Diplomacy 1998
Donald J. Williams Jupiter - Results 1998
Thomas K. Wessels N.E. Changing Landscape 1999
Zachary Wright Islamic Culture/Religion 1999
John P. Resch Marx and Mills 1999
Steven N. Fiering Molecular Genetics 1999
Ambassador Nancy E. Soderberg Taking Risks for Peace 1999
Henry M. Shooshan Wired for the 21" Century 1999
Olga M. Davidson Iran Today 1999
David H. Watters Robert Frost's Civil War 2000
Jonathan Shackleton Sir Ernest Shackleton 2000
Jonathan Bloom The Paper Trail 2000
Lori Arviso Alvord, M.D. Ceremony Medicine 2000
F. R. Harnden, Jr. NASA X-Ray Vision 2000
Ronald M. Green The Human Gnome 2000
Judson Hale Weather/Otherwise 2000
Peter Quick Mapping the Underground - A Subterranean Visit 2001
Polly Longsworth Emily Dickinson's Civil War 2001
Sheila Blair The Art of Writing in Islamic Art 2001
Richard Ober The Power of Place 2001
Robert Emmett Ginna, jr. Knowing Ireland: A Walk through Past and Present 2001
Stephen J. Reno A Different Mountain: Reflections of and Engaged Professor of Religious Studies 2001
Dan Hurlin Beyond Kermit - An Avant-Garde Performance Artist Finds His Way Back to Puppetry 2001
Richard R. Schmaltz Why Smart People Make Bad Investments 2002
Charles V. Willie Leadership Practices Derived from the Creation Story 2002
Clayton Jones Why Do They Hate Us? A Journalist's View of Terrorism 2002
James H. Craiglow Cracks in the Mortar: The Changing Face of the Ivory Tower 2002
Eleanor Briggs Tales from Cambodia's Water World 2002
Joann Snow Duncanson Tales of a Small Town Columnist 2002
Mary Catherine Bateson Generation and Culture in Transition 2002
Michelle & Jack Belletete High Mountain Hiking: From Monadnock to Kilimanjaro 2003
John Colony Linda Willett Harrisville and the Stewardship of a National Historic Landmark Village 2003
Cheryl Young From the MacDowell Colony to Culture: How Residency Programs Shape the Art World 2003
Donald J. Williams The Galileo Mission: Summary and Mission's End 2003
Bob Abernathy What I've Learned About Covering Religion 2003
W. Carl Cooley Children With Disabilities and Families: Insights into Resiliency and Adaption 2003
Robert Barry Nation Building - Path to Democracy or Hegemony? 2003
Walter H. Peterson Reflections on Troubled Times 2004
Ruah Donnelly Plant Sleuthing in New England: On the Road With a Horticultural Connoisseur 2004
Carroll J. Lehman Music and the Human Experience 2004
Robert G. Goodby 11,000 Years in N'dakinna: Native America History and Archaeology in the Monadnock Region 2004
Barbara Dimmick Novel One, Novel Two, Novel Three 2004
Skip Cornelius Advertising Myths and Realities 2004
Mitchell S. Thomashow Observing Environment Change: Why It Matters 2004
Dan Barry The Worth in the Life of a Knucklehead 2005
Jeanne Duval Between Perception & Invention: Three Generations of Figurative Artists 2005
Dr. Robert Chase, M.D. Trajectory: The Course of Scientific Discoveries in Medicine 2005
Anne Ostendarp Who Was Amos Fortune? 2005
Dr. Andrew Cooke Take Two Tablespoons of Turpentine & Call Me in the Morning: Stories & Reflections of a New Hampshire Veterinarian 2005
Jody Connor How Healthy Are New Hampshire's Lakes & Ponds? 2005
Anne McClellan Traditions of the Cherry Blossom Festival 2005
Charlton MacVeagh, Jr. Doing Good, Well: 25 Years of Community Development in the Monadnock Region 2006
Samuel B. Mukasa Climate Change: Lessons Learned From Antarctica 2006
John Hanson Mitchell Looking for Mr. Gilbert: Uncovering the Life of the First African-American Landscape Photographer 2006
Dorothy Yanish "Her Top Was Ethereal - Her Botton Divine!" a Lighhearted Look at the Life of an Opera Singer 2006
Dr. Stephen Gehlbach Seeking the Medical Cures: Some Lessons From the Past 2006
Deborah Schachter Acts of Caring and Community Building - Charitable Giving in New Hampshire 2006
Dr. David Deifik Birding Adventures in Australia: Exotic Species From Down Under 2006
The Right Rev. V. Gene Robinson Ministry in the Eye of the Storm 2007
Richard Ober Monadnock tomorrow 2007
P J Cooke Carrying a Torch (Song…that is!) A Cabaret Performer Describes the New York Scene, with Words and Music 2007
F. Rick Harnden, Jr. Habitable Zones: On the Earth, in the Solar System, & in Our Galaxy 2007
Cate Marvin Why Poetry? Why Not? 2007
Roderick MacFarquhar Mao's Last Revolution 2007
Heather Ames Kacy Ames International Child Adoption: Lessons Learned during the Past 50 Years 2007
Darlene Brooks-Hedstrom An Archaelogical Search for Monastic Life in Egypt 2008
Keith Stevens & Gus Kaikkonen A Life in Theater - The Peterborough Players Observe Their 75th Anniversary 2008
Carl Colby Abbott Thayer and the Sanctity of Nature 2008
Lincoln Chen Rockefeller, Ford & Gates - When American Philanthropies Go Abroad 2008
Charles Daloz An Experiment in Ecological Technology 2008
Robert Barry Averting Nuclear Anarchy 2008
Craig Brandon Monadnock: More Than a Mountain 2008
David T. Sobel Place-Based Education: Making Schools more Like a Farmer's Market 2009
Edward R. (Ted) Leach Responding to the Climate Change: Too Little, Too Late? 2009
Robert Putnam E Pluribus Unum: Immigration, Diversity, and Community 2009
Hahrie Han Activism in the 2008 Campaign: What Worked, Why, and What Does It Mean for the Future? 2009
Michele Belletete Addressing Humanitarian Crises: Joys and S21 Augorrows 2009
Larissa MacFarquhar A Tourist in Other People's Lives 2009
Karl Kaiser America's New foreign Policy: Promises and Realities 2009
Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot The Third Chapter: Passion, Risk, and Adventure in the 25 Years After 50 2010
Richard S. Meryman, Jr. Richard S. Meryman - For the Love of Painting 2010
Ted Widmer Jefferson's Koran: Islam and America 2010
Emily Jones Progressive Education in the Service of a Democratic Society 2010
Ben Watson Slow Food, Sustainable Living, and Grassroots Biodiversity 2010
Barry West Social Impacts of the Mobile Internet 2010
Sy Montgomery Revolutionizing the Way We Understand Animate Creation 2010
Mary Catherine Bateson Living Longer, Thinking Longer 2011
Ambassador George Bruno Give me your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free. . . or Perhaps NOT 2011
Tom Wessels The Foundational Principals of Sustainability 2011
Gary Hirshberg Inventing a Win-Win-Win-Win-Win Future 2011
Sabrina Tavernise Reporting a War 2011
Lewis Feldstein When You Become President of a Foundation, Your IQ Jumps 25 Points, and You Have Had Your Last Honest Conversation: Reflections on a Quarter Century in Philanthropy 2011
Eliza Griswold The Tenth Parallel: Dispatches from the Fault Line Between Christianity and Islam 2011
Don Burness Taking Care of Mary-Lou 2012
Nancy Gertner Fragile Gains: A Woman's Improbable Journey from a Brooklyn Tenement, through Advocacy, to a Federal Judgeship 2012
Bonnie Harris What's Parenting Got to Do with It? 2012
Margaret E. Ward and Nelson Ward de Witt Finding Family in the Aftermath of El Salvador's Civil War: Mysteries - Discoveries - Reflections 2012
Robert Weinberg Cancer: Origins and Treatment of Cancer; Where are we Headed? 2012
Katherine Hoffman Through the Lens: Alfred Stieglitz and His Fight for the Role of Photography as a Fine Art 2012
Philip Gourevitch Crime Scenes & Aftermaths: Reckoning with Survival after Genocide 2012
Maximilian L. Ferro Why Historic Preservation? 2013
Susan Heuck Allen Indiana Jones? Classical Archaeologist Spies against the Nazis in World War II Greece 2013
Sam Kennedy The Business of Baseball -- An Inside Look at Running the Red Sox 2013
Sara Mansfield Taber What is it Like to Grow Up as the Daughter of a Spy? 2013
Robert Putnam The Opportunity Gap: Reviving the American Dream 2013
James J. McCarthy What the Oceans are Telling Us about Climate Change 2013
Charles Lewis The Future of Truth and the Decline of America's Moral Integrity. 2014
David Fairchild Medicine in Transition: Moving from "Illness-care" to "Health-care" 2014
David Leventhal The Arts as a Lifeline: Dance, Parkinson's and Aging Well 2014
Dayton Duncan Seed of the Future: Yosemite and the National Park Idea 2014
Jane A. Difley The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests (The Forest Society): Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow in New Hampshire's Forests 2014
Kristen Gresh She Who Tells a Story: Women Photographers from Iran and the Arab World 2014
Nick Capasso Creating a Community-Oriented Art Museum 2015
Jerome Schultz NOWHERE TO HIDE: How Stress is Putting the Brains of Students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD (and others) at risk and what we can do about it. 2015
Rebecca Eaton Masterpiece: Before, During, and After Downton Abbey 2015
Ellen Widmer Trip toward Tomorrow: History of Wome's Rights in China 2015
Phillip Kruger Big Data: Transforming Freedom, Security and Business 2015
Severine Fleming A New Economy on the Land 2015
Eric Masterson The Migration of Broad-Winged Hawks -- a Ground Level Perspective 2015