The Amos Fortune Forum
2016 - Our 70th Season

Purpose of the Amos Fortune Forum

The Amos Fortune Forum was organized in 1946 to take advantage of the many widely known speakers on subjects of public interest and importance who live in and visit the Monadnock region. It was felt that most people would welcome the opportunity to cooperate in this Forum, each talking on whatever subject he or she considered most interesting and timely. Thus this small community might make a substantial contribution to the intellectual life of our country.

These talks on topics of current interest carry on the discussions held more than two centuries ago in this same Meetinghouse, when the foundations of our republic were being established by men and women who struggled for freedom and for human dignity. The enthusiastic response of the individuals who have been invited to address the Forum reflects a similar spirit. Furthermore, the lectures are a continuing tribute to Amos Fortune – one of Jaffrey’s most distinguished citizens – given without compensation by members of the Monadnock community, their relatives and friends.

The Amos Fortune Forum, now in its 70th season, is free to the public. Operating expenses are partially offset by a generous annual bequest from the Grimshaw-Gudewicz Charitable Foundatioon, as well as by contributions from residents of the Monadnock Region.

Photograph by Chandler Gilbert
Photograph by Charles Marvin